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It is a challenge for every individual to discover his working potential and decide a field to address his skills to. Today’s market economy offers a broad range of career opportunities in a variety of working environments and industries and the wine industry is one of them. Gardeners are not the only individuals who should consider a career in this field. Some people consider the wine industry an art and they are honored to be a part of it. In most parts of the world, drinking wine is a custom frequently associated with a particular social status and with etiquette. In this article we wish to draw your attention to the wine marketing industry and to the skills needed to make a name for you in this field. For those having what it takes and the commitment to a career in this line of work we will emphasize in the final paragraph the advantages of having a Wine Marketing Skills Awareness and Terminology Certification.

We should first discuss a little about marketing skills. As you know, marketing is about promoting a particular product to an intended audience. Nobody can question the hard work implied by making wine and tending vineyards. On the other hand, all this work would be in vain if you don’t manage to sell your wines to the large public. In order to achieve this goal you must be familiar with the principles, logistics and strategies of wine marketing. If you wish to sell your products you must first find a niche and then come up with a good plan for promoting your wines and hard work. Nobody says that trading wine is easy, and you should be aware that we are talking about one of the earliest trade commodities. Wine trade has now become international and cross-cultural and you must be aware of the difficulties of this industry. Wine marketing can be quite tricky sometimes because this product usually has a low value, it is heavy and hard to ship. It is common knowledge that wines are affected by travel sicknesses. In addition, it is a fragile product and because it is alcoholic it is one of the goods that are subjected to taxes.

It is important for wine producers to develop appropriate and efficient marketing, trade and export strategies. Upon having knowledge on wines you could follow two career paths: you could go for a professional wine career in the wine trade industry or you could take matters on your own and start your own wine business. You could, for instance, get specialized in sales and choose from a variety of positions, from shop assistant and sales person to sales manager. There are many topics you must cover for a career in wine marketing, starting with the major grapes that are used for making wine. You must also know wine labels, general marketing principles, wine packaging and marketing, marketing communications and many other such topics.

Wine Making Terminology Test

It is common knowledge that it is always good to take certifications for our skills because only this way we can prove them to reluctant employers. Certifications in wine marketing would prove your commitment to such a career and this is why the certification we mentioned in the introductory paragraph would be a valuable asset to attach to your resume. Such a certification would prove you have passed an exam on wine marketing skills. It will also testify that you are aware of the challenges of a job in this domain and you master the adequate wine marketing terminology required for a career in this fascinating environment., the global leader in online certification and skill testing, would be the best alternative for taking such a test and this company provides many quality employment tests. The wine marketing skills test available on the website makes no exception and this exam is a prerequisite to the valuable certification that will boost your career chances and your financial perspectives. For example, while the average annual salary of a wine marketing specialist is $38,000, upon having this certificate you could earn more. So don’t hesitate and take this test from Brainmeasures as a pathway to becoming a reputed certified professional and to your rewarding career in the wine marketing field.


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