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AWS Developer Associate Course

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AWS Developer Associate

AWS Developer Associate is the hardest associate AWS course, if you are into building, securing, and deploying web applications this course is for you.

AWS Developer Associate Course is for

  • Web Developers who are looking to add cloud computing skills to part of their developer toolkit.
  • Anyone interested in building web applications, learn to build a cloud-first web application to push complexity into managed cloud services, this helps in developing modular web applications.
  • Developing web applications for a variety of cloud architectures.
  • The transition from a web developer role into a cloud engineer role.


Services offered by AWS

AWS has a lot of services, set of 283 tools as of January 2020, some of the tools are

  • Bean stack
  • Step Functions
  • Code Commit
  • App Sync
  • Route 53
  • API Gateway
  • Dynamo Streams
  • EC2
  • ECS
  • EFS
  • X-Ray and a lot more

But most people know a lot less, this is the reason AWS Developer Associate is the hardest exam to crack and needs a lot of preparation, Brainmeasures AWS developer associate is a perfect video course that will help you crack this exam and score good, this course will help you validate your skills and gain exposure to a multitude of AWS services.

Why enroll for Brainmeasures AWS Developer Associate course?

Brainmeasures is premier online learning, training, and certification platform since 2007, Brainmeasures courses are self-paced, developed by industry experts who thoroughly understand the learning needs of the candidates.

Brainmeasures video courses are high-quality courses and each and every course is developed to provide complete knowledge of the subject making it the go-to source for all you’re learning needs.

We assure you that you will not find a better learning platform than Brainmeasures.

Brainmeasures AWS Developer Associate video course will help you

  • Identify appropriate AWS architecture, learn to design, develop and deploy optimum AWS cloud solutions.
  • Enhance your existing knowledge of AWS to identify and deploy secure procedures for optimal cloud deployment and maintenance.
  • Learn to develop and maintain applications written for S3, Dynamo DB, SQS, SWS, AWS, Elastic beanstack, AWS cloud formation.

By enrolling for the Brainmeasures AWS developer associate course and clearing the AWS developer associate exam become an asset to any company by leveraging the benefits of AWS best practices and implementing the appropriate architecture for deployment, testing, and Staging environments.

Pre- Requisites for this course

  • Knowledge of AWS essentials
  • Knowledge of application development with API interfaces
  • Basic understanding of relational and non-relational databases
  • Familiar with messaging and query services

Demand for AWS associate developers is growing exponentially because AWS provides a highly reliable, scalable, and low-cost infrastructure platform that powers a hundred thousand businesses in 190 countries, and cloud computing market is expected to grow by $ 200 B in the year 2022 and this exponential rise will give meteoric rise to the demand of certified AWS associate developers.

The average Salary of a certified AWS Associate developer is according to CRN is USD 125,875

If you are a backend developer with experience in AWS, Kinesis, lambda, S3, dynamo, and other related fields and want to validate your AWS skills, gain exposure, validate your skills and make your resume stand out, this is an ideal course for you.

Open the gates of huge job opportunities as after passing the exam and getting certified you can directly get a job as a cloud engineer.

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What makes
AWS Developer Associate Course
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The topics are organized in proper sequence to enable the candidate understand them easily.


Easy to understand and implement.

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Proctor Surveliance

Final certification exam conducted under surveillance of trained human proctor.

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AWS Developer Associate Course

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