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Android Developer (Build Apps) Course

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Android Developer

An android developer develops apps that are compatible with the android operating system, the challenge of building android apps is that they should be compatible with a fragmented Android ecosystem like multiple versions of android and different device types.

Apart from this android developers are responsible for

(What android developers do?)

Development and Maintenance of android apps

Integrating android application with back-end services

Problem-solving and quality product design

Building codes for designs and wireframes

Building and maintaining high-quality Java Code

Fixing bugs and bottlenecks

How to become an Android Developer?

Skills required to become an expert android developer.

Knowledge of Java and Android Studio.

Sound knowledge of SDK, different versions of android, and various screen sizes

Connecting android applications with backend using RESTful APIs

Building and designing apps around natural user interfaces

Knowledge of push notifications and cloud message APIs

Thorough understanding of tools like code versioning such as GIT

Knowledge of android design principles and interface guidelines

Working knowledge of the use of gyroscopes, sensors, and accelerometers

This looks like a huge task but the Brainmeasures Android developer video course covers all this and a lot more and we guarantee that after going through this course you will have a thorough understanding and skills required to build powerful, efficient, and seamless android apps.

Since the world is turning digital app development professionals are in huge demand as every business small or big needs to have a good working app to stay ahead of competitors.

Why learn to make Android Apps?

According to one of the latest surveys conducted by Netscribes in February 2021, the demand for android app developers will grow by 59% by the year 2023 and this demand will grow exponentially beyond that period, so if you are thinking of choosing app development as a career then you are on a right track and Brainmeasures certification will be an added advantage to your resume and help land your desired job and a good salary package.

Brainmeasures Android Developer (Build Apps) Video course and Certification

If developing apps excite you, or you have ideas you believe can bring change to the world, then learn to make apps. Brainmeasures Android Developer Video course is the best online training course where you can learn to build apps without any prior knowledge from scratch. Developed by experts, by enrolling in this course build any application you wish to and become a professional app developer. Brainmeasures courses culminate in a certification exam and candidates who successfully pass the exam are awarded a certificate that is globally recognized and opens huge job opportunities for successful candidates.

Pre-requisites for this course

This is an ideal course for beginners as all you need is a computer, internet connection, and desire to convert your ideas to working applications.

This course covers

Basics of Android Studio

Java Deep Dive

Android Features

Fundamentals of maps and geolocation

Data Storage

And much more

This is a 32-hour video course developed by expert android developers and covers each and every topic from scratch which makes it ideal for anyone who is interested in developing android applications.

Job Opportunities for certified Professionals

Demand for good app developers is growing exponentially and Brainmeasures certified candidates can work in reputed IT companies, you can work as

Senior Android App developer

App designer

Software Engineer

Full-stack Android App developer

API integration expert

Expected Salary

The entry-level Android developer salary in the US is $76,744 a year on average, At the same time, the average junior Android developer salary appears to be $72,750/year, A mid-level Android developer salary, on the other hand, reaches $108,763 on average, While the average senior Android developer salary is $126,066.

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Android Developer (Build Apps) Course
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Proctor Surveliance

Final certification exam conducted under surveillance of trained human proctor.

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Android Developer (Build Apps) Course

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