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Python Programming Kids Course

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Python Programming Kids is an online Video Course and Certification program, it is a self-paced video course. This course is all you need to start and learn coding and python, designed and curated by expert coders, this python programming course is full of examples, and coding is taught in a language that kids understand even without adult supervision.

Why learn to code?

Coding is an amazing skill, can be used to solve almost any problem, you can make anything, basically, coding is a way to translate human language to a language that computer understands.

Coding is a language that processes inputs given to outputs such as pictures, words, images, etc. For eg, when we swipe fingers to play a game on mobile that’s an input, and when the character of that game jumps, runs, ducks that’s output.

Python Programming

Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Python allows programming in Object-Oriented and Procedural paradigms. Python programs generally are smaller than other programming languages like Java.

Python is preferred when kids are taught coding as by giving simple inputs we can explore so much more in python than any other computer language.

Brainmeasures Python Programming course will help your kids learn to talk to the computer in a fun way by developing colorful apps and games.

Why Python?

  • It is easy to understand
  • Quick to learn
  • The popular coding language used in Google, Facebook, Instagram, NASA, and other major companies across the globe.

Why Kids should learnt to code?

This is a big question, coding has become a new fad, some companies have created this hype and using it to earn huge money.

Coding no doubt is a great skill and kids can explore a lot learning this skill but parents need not pay a huge amount of money as a good learning platform like Brainmeasures is providing coding courses for kids at a very economical price.

  • Coding helps kids learn problem-solving.
  • Inculcates logical thought processes to look at problems.
  • Great future skill, demand for skilled coders is rising exponentially and demand is much more than supply.
  • Well Paid Jobs
  • Software’s are invading each and every profession so everyone in the future needs to have this skill to perform well at their job.

Brainmeasures Python Programing course will enable kids or help parents teach their kids

  • Problem-solving skills in python using games, fun activities, and colorful examples.
  • Turtle graphics, fun games, and apps
  • Building games
  • Creating graphics

Why Choose Brainmeasures?

Brainmeasures is a trusted online learning platform since 2007, and experts at Brainmeasures understand the learning needs of each segment. Each and every course developed by Brainmeasures is developed by experts and when it comes to teaching young kids, Brainmeasures went extra mile to ensure that courses developed by kids are developed and delivered in a way that add value to young kids lives.

Unlike other companies that spend huge amounts of money on advertisement selling lies and making fake promises, Brainmeasures believes in delivering quality education.

Our instructors and course developers are experts and not students who have enrolled for teaching job on a platform to earn some extra money, as these students themselves don’t have a thorough knowledge of the subject and when it comes to kids it’s very important to get the basics right and easy.

Brainmeasures courses and certifications come at a very economical price and not a huge commercial price per class, you have to pay a nominal one-time fee and get lifetime access to the course, and kids can watch the videos and practice till they achieve perfection.

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What makes
Python Programming Kids Course
Certification unique?

video online course

The video online course is well-structured and comprehensive.

Easy to Understand

The topics are organized in proper sequence to enable the candidate understand them easily.


Easy to understand and implement.

more attractive

Sufficient pictures, tables, graphs have been provided to make this online Course Name course and certification more attractive to the readers.

Proctor Surveliance

Final certification exam conducted under surveillance of trained human proctor.

• We will ship your hard copy anywhere you ask for.

• Immediately after taking the test you can check your scores with detailed.
• Immediately download soft copy certificate.
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Python Programming Kids Course

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• Final exam is proctored – you will be monitored throughout, this is done using our high-end Proctor software, so that you need not go to any special location but take it from your own PC.
• This testing format matches world-class testing standards.
• Certificate will mention wording proctored to prove the authenticity of your knowledge.

• You can take any number of retakes if you are not satisfied with your score or failed to pass.
• Test re-takes are paid, each retake is worth $ 50.

• Earn high.
• Brainmeasures certificates are honoured by employees worldwide.
• Get desired position in your organization.

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