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What are JSON, AJAX, and API?


JSON is an open standard file format and data exchange format that employs human-readable text to store and transfer data objects made up of attribute-value pairs and arrays (or other serializable values). It is a widely used data format with numerous uses in electronic data interchange, including online applications with servers. JSON is a language-independent data format. Although code to generate and parse JSON-format data is included in many modern computer languages, it was inspired by JavaScript. For JSON filenames, the extension.json is used.

Data types

JSON's basic data types are

Number- a signed decimal number that may have a fractional portion and may employ exponential E notation, but cannot include non-numbers such as NaN The format makes no difference between integer and floating-point values. JavaScript employs a double-precision floating-point format for all of its numeric data (till later also supports BigInt), however other JSON-compliant languages may encode numbers differently.

String-a string of 0 or more Unicode characters Strings are delimited with double quotation marks and can be escaped with backslashes.

Boolean- one of the values true or false

Array- a list of zero or more elements, each of which can be of any kind Arrays are denoted by square brackets and comma-separated elements.

Object- a set of name-value pairings in which the names (also known as keys) are strings "The JSON syntax does not impose any constraints on the strings used as names, does not require that name strings be unique, and does not ascribe any significance to the ordering of name/value pairs," according to the current ECMA standard. Objects are bounded by curly brackets, with commas separating each pair, and a colon ':' character separating the key or name from its value within each pair.

Null-  empty value, denoted by the term null

What will you learn about JSON in this course?

Discover JSON and how to use it with JavaScript.

Investigate the reading and writing of JSON objects.

Iterate through JSON data and output the contents into HTML elements on your web page.

Create JSON in a dynamic format for greater flexibility and administration.

Event Triggers: How to use JSON data to trigger event listeners in JavaScript. JavaScript data is saved as JSON structured material.

Conversion and manipulation of JSON objects and Strings in JavaScript.

Obtaining JSON with an HTTP XML request object.


Ajax is a set of web development approaches that construct asynchronous web applications by utilizing multiple web technologies on the client-side. Ajax allows web applications to transmit and get data from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the existing page's appearance and behavior. Ajax allows web pages and, by extension, web applications to change content dynamically without having to reload the entire page by detaching the data interchange layer from the display layer. In fact, current implementations frequently use JSON rather than XML.

Ajax is a programming notion rather than a technology. HTML and CSS can be used together to mark up and style data. JavaScript can be used to dynamically display—and allow the user to interact with—the new information on the webpage. The built-in XML HTTP Request object is used to perform Ajax on webpages, allowing websites to load content without refreshing the page. Ajax is neither a new technology nor a new language. Instead, it is the application of current technologies in novel ways.

What will you learn about AJAX in this course?

Investigate how AJAX works and how it is applied in web applications.

Learn about Fetch and XHR and how they help you get data.

Connect to external content and data, load it into your application, and display the results to the user.

Discover AJAX choices, libraries, and server exercises.


A link that allows computers or computer programmers to communicate with one another is known as an application programming interface (API). It is a type of software interface that allows one application to give a service to another. An API specification is a document or standard that describes how to build or utilize a connection or interface. A computer system that fulfills this standard is said to implement or expose an API. The standard or the implementation can both be referred to as API.

An application programming interface connects computers or pieces of software to each other, as opposed to a user interface, which connects a computer to a human. It is not designed to be used directly by anyone (the end-user) other than a computer programmer who incorporates it into the software.

An API is frequently composed of various components that serve as tools or services to the programmer. An application or programmer that employs one of these components is said to utilize that aspect of the API. The API calls are sometimes known as subroutines, methods, requests, or endpoints. An API specification describes these calls, describing how to utilize or implement them.

APIs can be used to hide the technical details of how a system works, revealing only the portions that a programmer will find useful and keeping them constant even if the internal details change later. An API might be tailored to a specific pair of systems, or it can be a shared standard that enables interoperability among multiple systems.

Web APIs, which allow communication between computers linked by the internet, are frequently referred to as APIs. APIs for programming languages, software libraries, computer operating systems, and computer hardware are also available. APIs were invented in the 1940s, but the phrase didn't catch on until the 1960s and 1970s.

Uses of API

Frameworks and libraries

One example of an API is the interface to a software library. The API specifies and prescribes the "anticipated behavior" (a specification), whereas the library is the "real implementation" of these principles.

A single API may have many implementations (or none at all if it is abstract) in the form of distinct libraries that share the same programming interface.

Because the API and its implementation are separated, programmers written in one language can use libraries written in another. Scala developers, for example, can utilize any Java API because Scala and Java compile to compatible bytecode.

Operating systems

The interface between an application and the operating system can be specified via an API. POSIX, for example, defines a set of standard APIs that allow an application designed for one POSIX-compliant operating system to be produced for another POSIX-compliant operating system.

Remote API

APIs accessible from afar Distant APIs enable developers to manipulate remote resources via protocols, which are communication standards that allow diverse technologies to operate together independent of language or platform. The Java Database Connectivity API, for example, enables developers to query many different types of databases using the same set of functions, whereas the Java Remote Method Invocation API employs the Java Remote Method Protocol to enable the invocation of functions that operate remotely but appear local to the developer.

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